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Semi-technical publications

Robert Harry Kraichnan, An Obituary. Phys. Today 61, May issue, 70-71, 2008 (with S. Chen, G. Eyink, G. Falkovich, U. Frisch & S. Orszag) download pdf download
Foreword Science dissemination using Open Access: A compendium of selected literature on Open Access, ed. by E. Canessa & M. Zennaro. ICTP, 2008. download pdf download
Some comments on nonlinear dynamics. Conference report: Perspective on nonlinear dynamics. ICTP, Trieste, July 2007.
Pramana: Journal of Physics 70, 959-963, 2008 download pdf download
A personal account of Professor Abdus Salam. Int. J. Modern Phys. A 23, 3799-3810, 2008;
reprinted in Salam + 50; proceedings of the conference, ed. by Michael Duff. Imperial College Press, 2008. download pdf download
Preface to "100 Buone Ragioni per Diventare Scienziati" the Italian Translation of the English Original "100 Reasons to be a Scientist". ICTP, 2007. download pdf download
Preface to "The ICTP Experience: Diploma and Step Students". ICTP, 2007. download pdf download
Preface to "The ICTP Experience: The TRIL Programme". ICTP, 2007. download pdf download
Introduction to "Good Morning Prof. Budinich" the English Translation of the Italian original "Buongiorno Prof. Budinich", by P. Greco. Milano, Bompiani, 2007 download pdf download
A perspective on the status of mathematics in India. Curr. Sci. 93, 1080-1087, 2007 download pdf download
Water crisis in India. Curr. Sci. 93, 1335, 2007 download pdf download
Conference report: The IAEA's international fusion and plasma physics activities - report on the 49th regular session of the IAEA General Conference and the 8th Scientific Forum. Nucl. Fusion 46, 667-672, 2006 (with W. Burkart) download pdf download
ICTP as a model for excellence for doctoral and post-doctoral training in the South. In "Sharing Knowledge Across the Mediterranean Area" pp. 19-28, edited by P. Faugeras, A. Hoummada & R. Klapisch. (NATO Security through Science Series, E: Human and Societal Dynamics, 12). Amsterdam, IOS Press, 2006. download pdf download
Scientific measure of Africa's connectivity. Information Technologies and International Development 3 (No.1), 55-64, 2006 (with M. Zennaro, E. Canessa, A. A. Rehmatullah & R. L. Cottrell) download pdf download
Prospects and problems for world energy: Remarks at the World Renewable Energy Congress. The Pantaneto Forum, issue 24 (3 pages) 2006 download pdf download
Raising the level of science in developing countries. APS News, 15, March issue, 4, 2006 download pdf download
Access to scholarly literature via a free knowledge management enabler: An opportunity for scientists in developing countries. Knowledge Management for Development Journal 2 (No. 3), 75-85, 2006 (with E. Canessa, C. Fonda & M. Zennaro) download pdf download
Foreword to the proceedings of the International Conference on "Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics" held in Bangalore, India, October 26-28, 2006 download pdf download
Comment on: William C. Brainard and Herbert E. Scarf's "How to Compute Equilibrium Prices in 1891". Amer. J. Economics and Sociology 64, 89-92, 2005;
reprinted in: Celebrating Irving Fisher: The legacy of a great economist, ed. by R.W. Dimand and J. Geanakoplos. Blackwell, 2005 download pdf download
A Web community to foster science in developing countries: www.ictp.it. In Proc. IADIS International Conference on Web Based Communities 2005, Algarve, Portugal, pp. 23-25, 2005 (with C. Fonda, M. Zennaro & E. Canessa) download pdf download
A global role for physics. Phys. World 18, October issue, 38-41, 2005 download pdf download
Preface: Special Issue in Tribute to Robert Anthony Antonia. Flow Turbul. Combust. 72, 91-92, 2004 (with R.W. Bilger) download pdf download
Science in the South. Editorial in Science 306, 1259, November 19 issue, 2004 download pdf download
ICTP: the next 40 years. CERN Courier 44, November issue, 58, 2004 download pdf download
"Three quarks for Muster Mark" a brief introduction for "A Rose for Joyce" by R.A. Crivelli, MGS Press, 2004 download pdf download
Concluding remarks on Ludwig Prandtl and Goettingen. unpublished download pdfdownload
Setting new sights for the ICTP. Comment in the Forum of Phys. World 16, April issue, 15, 2003 download pdf download
The mores of publishing in science. Curr. Sci. 84, 483, 2003 download pdf download
Preface: Special Issue on Nonlinearity and chaos in the physical sciences. Pramana: Journal of Physics 48, 3-5, 1997 (with R. Ramaswamy) download pdf download
Book review: An introduction to error analysis: The study of uncertainties in physical measurements, by J.R. Taylor American Scientist 71, 430-430, 1983. download pdf download