Adrian Tompkins
office 251,
Former Sissa Building,
via Beirut
34000 Trieste,
+39 040 2240 579

My office is situated on the second floor of the former sissa building, which is building number 2 on this map:

Campus Map

Thunderstorm over Venice


predicts convective clustering onset in a simplified model of radiative-convection equilibrium! Be the first to read all about it in this new article submitted to JAMES (click).

Climate Unboxed

My new hobby in my free time is to upload videos on various topics related to weather and climate on my new YouTube channel climate unboxed. At the moment there are only my initial videos on climate data processing that I am developing for a new joint EDX course with the UNESCO regional office in Zimbabwe, but I hope to supplement these with more general interest material over the coming year. Don't forget to subscribe for news on new uploads.

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