Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

Second International Conference and Advanced School

27 July - 07 August, 2009
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy


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Trieste, Italy


Goals and Objectives of the Conference and the School

The goals of the International Conference "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" are to expose the generic problem of Non-equilibrium Turbulent Processes to a wide scientific community, to promote the development of new ideas in tackling the fundamental aspects of the problem, to assist in application of novel approaches in a broad range of phenomena, where the turbulent processes occur, and to have a potential impact on technology.

The Conference and the School provide the opportunity to bring together researchers from the areas, which include but are not limited to fluid dynamics, plasmas, high energy density physics, astrophysics, material science, combustion, atmospheric and earth sciences, nonlinear and statistical physics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, data processing and computations, optics and  telecommunications, and to have their attention focused on the long-standing formidable task of non-equilibrium turbulent processes.

Leading experts and researchers at experienced and early stages of their carriers from academia, national laboratories, corporations and industry, and graduate students from developed and developing countries are invited to participate.

The First International Conference "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" was held in August 2007 at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. By all the standards, the Conference was a major success. The TMB Community has identified non-equilibrium turbulent processes as the intellectually rich and highly fascinating problem, whose exploration can have a transformative impact on our understanding of a wide variety of physical phenomena, from atomistic to astrophysical scales, on fundamental principles of mathematical modeling of the dynamics of continuous media and non-equilibrium kinetics, and on the technology development in fusion, nano-electronics, telecommunications, and aeronautics. A creation of an Environment for multi-disciplinary collaboration  is essential for achieving success in solution of this multi-faceted problem and enabling the quality of the information yield.

Based upon the success of TMB-2007 and recommendations of Round Tables Discussions,
The Second International Conference and Advanced School "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" has been organized at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, and has been hosted by the Centre as a regular activity.

The Second Conference and Advanced School “Turbulent Mixing and Beyond” had the following objectives:
    a) Encourage the integration of theory, experiments, large-scale numerical simulations and state-of-the-art technologies for exploration of physical mechanisms of non-equilibrium turbulent processes, from atomistic to macro-scales, in both high and low energy density regimes.
    b) Foster the application of innovative approaches for tackling the fundamental aspects of the problem, and understand and extend the range of applicability of traditional statistically steady considerations.
    c) Stimulate the application of advanced statistical and stochastic techniques and data analysis methodologies for unified characterization of the experimental and numerical data sets and for the estimation of their quality and information capacity.
    d) Further develop the Turbulent Mixing and Beyond Community and enable it with the means of information exchange via a Collaborative Computing Environment, providing access to the state-of-the-art advanced computational methodologies for data annotation, visualization, storage, transfer and analysis.

The International Conference "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond"
 is organized to advance knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the generic problem of non-equilibrium turbulent processes and to provide breakthrough in predictive modeling capabilities, physical description and, ultimately, control of these complex processes.

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