Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

Sixth International Conference Tenth Anniversary Program

Non-Equilibrium Transport Across the Scales

14-18 August 2017
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy


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TMB-2017 is sponsored by several Funding Agencies and Institutions.

The Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges financial support of

National Science Foundation, USA

Department of Energy, USA

Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy

New York University, USA

The University of Western Australia, AU

Potential sponsor are encouraged to contact the
Organizing Committee.

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Program 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond' was founded in 2007 with the support of international scientific community and  of international funding agencies and institutions.
In 2007-2016 it was supported by N
ational Science Foundation (USA), Department of Energy (USA), European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (UK) of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USA), USA Office of Naval Research Global (UK), International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Italy), Commissariat l'Energie Atomique (France), Department of Energy Argonne National Laboratory (USA), Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA), Department of Energy Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), University of Chicago (USA), Carnegie Mellon University (USA), New York University (USA), Institute for Laser Engineering (Japan), Academy of Sciences and High Temperature Institute of Physics Publishing (UK), National Academies of Sciences (USA), Photron (Europe) Ltd. (UK).