Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

Sixth International Conference Tenth Anniversary Program

Non-Equilibrium Transport Across the Scales

14-18 August 2017
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy


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The goals of TMB-2017 fit naturally into the mission of ICTP to foster the growth of advanced studies, promote excellent research, and provide international forum for exchange of information and ideas.

Formal registration is mandatory for participants of TMB-2017.

Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that
Registration Fee is $0 (ZERO
US Dollars) for participants of TMB-2017.

Participants of TMB-2017 are requested to Register Online
in order to Submit Abstract(s) of their presentations.

MB-2017 is the ICTP Regular Activity SMR3141.

Participants of TMB-2017 should also register at the ICTP Online Portal
in oder to receive the invitaiton letter from the ICTP.

Upon the acceptances and registrations, invitation letters are sent by the Organizing Committee and further assistance is provided with the logistics of the trip.

Financial Support is available for students and young researchers, who otherwise would be unable to attend TMB-2017.

Organizing Committee greatly appreciates financial support of Sponsors of  TMB-2017. Potential Sponsors are encouraged to contact the Organizing Committee.