Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

Sixth International Conference Tenth Anniversary Program

Non-Equilibrium Transport Across the Scales

14-18 August 2017
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy


Goals and Objectives

Outline of Themes


Conference Structure

Invited Presentations

Young Scientist Award

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Proceedings and Publications

Important Dates


Travel and Visas


Financial Support


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Internet / Email

TMB-2017 is held at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics.
It is the ICTP Regular Activity  SMR3141.
Internet access, emails and other scientific services are available for the participants.


Suitable accommodation is available at the ICTP campus and in nearby hotels at special discount and group rates. Affordable discount accommodation for students and young researchers is also available.

The accommodation of the participants of TMB-2017 is arranged by the ICTP Housing Office.

For reservations and information on hotels in the city of Trieste, please visit hotels.com.

For information on general services at the ICTP campus, please visit the ICTP.


Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be available in the cafeterias at the ICTP and in the restaurants nearby. The cafeterias at the ICTP and the restaurants in Trieste offer affordable and good quality service.

List of some hotels

Adriatico Guest House (AGN), ICTP campus: single/double room, unit price ~ 60/night.

Galileo Guest House
(GGH), ICTP campus: single/double room, unit price ~

Hotel Mignon (**), located in Miramare, nearby the ICTP campus;
Via Junker Carlo 12; Tel: +39-040-2246-11
- single room  ~ 50/night;
- double room ~ 

Ostello Tergeste (**), located in Miramare, nearby the ICTP campus;
Viale Miramare 331, Tel: +39-040-2241-02, Email:
about ~  14-18/per person per night.

Hotel Riviera (***), located on the coastal road close to AGH;
Tel: +39 040 224551, Email: info@rivieramax.eu
- single room ~90/night;
- double room ~ € 100/night.

Hotel Impero (***), Via S'Anastasio 1, Trieste, Tel: +39-040-364-242;

convenient transportation to the ICTP;
- single room ~€80/night;
- double room ~ € 100/night.

Hotel Alla Posta (***), Piazza Oberdan 1, Trieste,
Tel: +39-040-365-208, Email: info@albergoallpostatrieste.it ;

convenient transportation to the ICTP;
- single rooms ~70.00/night;
- double rooms single use ~90.00/night.

Hotel Colombia (***), Via Geppa 18, Trieste,
Tel +39-040-369-333, Email: colombia@hotelcolombia.it ;
convenient transportation to the ICTP;
- prezzo pattuito ~70.00/night.

Hotel Victoria (****), Via Oriani 2, Trieste, Tel: +39-040-362-415;
- single rooms ~95.00/night.

Hotel Miramare (****), located in Miramare nearby the ICTP;
- single room ~ 90/night, breakfast included;
- double room  ~140/night, breakfast included.

Hotel Greif Maria Theresia (*****), located in Barcola, half-way between the ICTP and Trieste downtown, and is about 1 minute from the beach. Address is Viale Miramare 109, Tel: +39-040-410115, from ~ 230/night, breakfast included.

Resitence Del Mare (***), located in the city of Trieste, convenient transportation to the ICTP, city center, museums, shops, railroad station, etc. Mini-apartments for 2-3 persons with kitchen facilities. Suitable for family stay. Address is Via della Madonna del Mare 4, Tel: +39-040-307346, ~ 70-95/night/room.

Private Accommodation in the city of Trieste can be an option for participants traveling with families. Inquiries on private accommodation can be sent to Conference Organizers.