Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

Third International Conference

21 - 28 August, 2011
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
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Welcome to the web-site of the Third International Conference
'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond.'

3rd International Conference 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond', TMB-2011,
has been held on 21-28 August 2011
at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy.
IT has been held as the ICTP hosted activity.

You are invited to navigate this site for information on the Conference
goals, themes, structure, p
rogram and logistics.

TMB-2011 has strengthened and reaffirmed the major success of TMB-2007 and 2009

Presentations, Round Tables and Discussions of TMB-2011 have served
to advance the state of the art in our understanding of fundamental aspects of the
generic problem of non-equilibrium turbulent processes and 
to provide a
positive impact on their predictive modeling capabilities,
physical description and control.

The Organizing Committee deeply appreciates valuable contributions of the
Conference Participants.
We thank all the Authors for offering to the TMB their best research results and ideas.

The Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges
the financial support of our Sponsors. Thank you for making this event possible.

We express our gratitude to the members of the Program Coordination Board,
Scientific Advisory Committee, Young Scientist Award and Best Poster Award Committees, Financial Support Committee
for their help with the the Conference Program.

We warmly appreciate the invaluable assitance of the Technical Support Team with TMB-2011 organization, and the Logistics Assistance of the ICTP Officers.

  Third International Conference 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond'
was a highly informative and productive meeting

We have had nearly 150 participants, ranging from students to members of National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and including researchers from academia, national laboratories, leading scientific institutions and industry.

The TMB-2011 has covered 16 different topics, maintaining the scope and the interdisciplinary character of the meeting and has kept the focus on the fundamentals of non-equilibrium processes and on the Objectives of TMB-2011.

At TMB-2011, 109 invited and regular talks, and over 50 posters have been presented in 31 oral sessions (
51 hours of talks in total) and 1 poster session.
The Round Table and the Exhibit have been organized and ran.

Two Awards 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond for Youth' have been issued to young researchers working in experimental fluid dynamics. These two works have been selected among 44 oral and 28 poster presentations.
One Best Poster Award has issued by Physica Scripta.

The success of the Conference and School has consisted from the successful work of all the participants, who were responsible and professional researchers,
caring for the quality of their research. The level of presentations was high.

The Proceedings, Publications and Results of TMB-2011 have been published.

2007 Turbulent Mixing and Beyond
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