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ECSAC - European Centre for Science Arts and Culture

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Who we are

The ECSAC is a multidisciplinary institution created to foster a new concept devised at embracing science as a part of our culture and to stimulate culture and reciprocal knowledge and friendship amongst different peoples.

It promotes cultural events and offers hospitality to scientists in the island of Lošinj, in Croatia: the island is noted for its natural beauty where scientific activities, or even writing a book or an article, to create scientific collaboration, can be easily encouraged by the natural surrounding.

The ECSAC's headquarters is in Mali Lošinj, Croatia, while the Managing Committee and its secretariat are based in Italy, in Trieste, hosted by the Consortium for Physics at ICTP.




The logo

image: bronze statute of Lošinj or Apoxyomenos The logo is an etched image of the face of the bronze statue of Lošinj or Apoxyomenos found in 1999 at Oriule, in front of Island of Lošinj, where it was buried under the sand at a depth of 45 metres for 2.000 years.
The statue was completely isolated; it was found far from any other relics in the immediate vicinity. This makes us think that it was thrown at sea to lighten the ship's cargo either during a gust of wind or perhaps the Bora wind.
It's very impressive. It is 1.93 centimetres tall and probably represents an athlete drying his sweat after a race; it could be a roman copy of the original Greek one.
The delicate work of restoration, which lasted four years, was carried out by Hrvatski Restaurorski Zavod (Croatian Conservation Institute), in collaboration with the Science Laboratory of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.

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