Turbulent Mixing and Beyond Workshop

Mixing in Rapidly Changing Environments

04-09 August 2014
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

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Goals and Objectives

"Mixing in Rapidly Changing Environments - Probing Matter at the Extremes" is
the Workshop within the Program "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond."

The  Workshop is focused
on hydrodynamic instabilities, and on interfacial and turbulent mixing in fluids, plasmas and materials under extreme conditions of high energy density and sharply changing flow fields, as well as on their applications in nature and technology, from atomistic to astrophysical scales.

The program "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" was founded in 2007 with the support of international scientific community and of the US National Science Foundation, the US Air Force Office of the Scientific Research and its European Office for Research and Development in the UK, the Commissariat l'Energie Atomique in France, the UNESCO-IAEA International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, the US Department of Energy and the Department of Energy National Laboratories, the Institute for Laser Engineering in Japan, and the University of Chicago in USA.

The goals of the program 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond' are to expose the generic problem of Non-equilibrium Turbulent Processes to a wide scientific community, to promote the development of new ideas in tackling the fundamental aspects of the problem, to assist in application of novel approaches in a broad range of phenomena, where the turbulent processes occur, and to have a potential impact on technology.

"Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" is the program established for scientists by scientists. It is merit-based, and is shaped by requirements of academic credentials, novelty and information quality.

2007, 2009 and 2011 TMB Conferences were hosted by the Abdus Salam international Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). In 2013 the TMB Workshop was held as the invited Mini-Conference "Mixing in Fusion Plasmas" at 55th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics.

In 2014 the TMB Workshop "Mixing in Rapidly Changing Environments - Probing Matter at the Extremes" (TMBW-2014) is held by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics as the ICTP Regular Activity.

The target problems of TMBW-2014 include hydrodynamic instabilities and interfacial mixing, active and passive scalar and turbulent mixing, the evolution of phase boundaries and convection in fluids, plasmas and materials, as well as their applications in fusion, astrophysics, reactive flows, material science and aerodynamics.

TMBW-2014 provides the opportunity to bring together researchers from the areas, which include but are not limited to fluid dynamics, plasmas, astrophysics, material science, nonlinear physics, and applied mathematics.

Leading experts and researchers at advanced and early stages of their carriers from academia, national laboratories, corporations and industry, as well as graduate students from developed and developing countries are invited to participate.

The Organizing Committee hopes
that TMBW-2014 "Mixing in Rapidly Changing Environments - Probing Matter at the Extremes" will serve to advance knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the generic problem of non-equilibrium turbulent processes and will potentially have an impact on predictive modeling capabilities, physical description and, ultimately, control of these complex processes.