Ali Hassanali




I have been involved in the teaching for the Diploma Course at the ICTP in the following courses:

Numerical Methods I

Numerical Methods II


Diploma Thesis:

During their last 3 months at ICTP in the Diploma Program, students do a thesis.  I have supervised and co-supervised the following students:


Elizabeth Cornah who received her Diploma at ICTP in 2014 with her thesis:

"Sampling the Conformational Landscape of a Model System for DNA Repair"


Erick Buko who received his Diploma at ICTP in 2015 with his thesis:

"Understanding the molecular origins of many-body effects in liquid water with Density Functional Theory (DFT)"


Kwang-Hyok Jong who received his Diploma at ICTP in 2015 with his thesis:

"Probing the Molecular Complexity of a Segment of Amyloid Fibrils with Molecular Dynamics"




Crash Course in Molecular Simulations Course


I have begun to teach a short crash course in Molecular Simulations methods in various developing countries in the last couple of years. The course covers both the theory and hands-on tutorials with publicly available codes like DLPOLY, CP2K and GROMACS.

I have tought the course in the following places in the last couple of years:


University of Legon, Ghana - August 2015.


KWAMS 2015, University of Khartoum, Sudan - February 2015.


University of Legon, Ghana - September 2014.


Tribhuvan University, Nepal - May 2014.


Ali Hassanali

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