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VECTRI is a open-source model written in FORTRAN that is released under an open-source license and only uses open libraries. The system requirements are

  1. GIT (to clone the software)
  2. GFORTRAN (to compile the software)
  3. NETCDF libraries (for i/o)

To obtain a copy of the code is as simple as typing "git clone https://gitlab.com/tompkins/vectri" There is a rudimentary but improving manual available under the Documentation tab

It is free to use and modify for non-commercial, scientific and educational purposes, but may not be distributed to third parties. Instead we kindly ask you to direct colleagues to this site so we can keep a record of who is using the code.
VECTRI is released with the usual disclaimer that the model is a research tool and comes with no support or guarentees and the authors bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, financial or otherwise, that may occur through its use.

All that the authors ask is that:

  1. You state the origin of the model in any work you publicize.
  2. You reference the Tompkins and Ermert 2013 manuscript in any article that uses the model, even in a modified form.
  3. That a copy of any article using the model is sent to the authors after (or preferably before) submission to add to the database here.
  4. If you are thinking to use the model in an international grant proposal that you consider inviting ICTP to collaborate if the grant conditions allow (VECTRI development speed relies on external funding opportunities).
  5. You have no objections to your institute being listed on the above maps of VECTRI users.

These simple requests are to justify to the respective funding agencies and ICTP itself that the model development is useful to the wider community.

I would appreciate you filling out the following form just so we can keep a record of who is using the code. Please note I do not store any email addresses unless you wish to be added to the VECTRI newsletter mailing list (very infrequent!) - and I will never pass on your details to any third party.

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VECTRI under Windows 10

We frequently get asked if VECTRI is available to run under windows. This is now very easy to do if you have WINDOWS 10, and we have set this up successively in a number of workshops. This is because the operating system from WINDOWS 10 onwards comes with linux (of various flavours, including Ubuntu) essentially built in, i.e. there is no longer the need to install linux as dual boot, cygwin or to resort to using a wine server. This is method is much preferable to a wineserver or cygwin as you have the full availability of the libraries and software. We suggest you google "linux under windows" to find one of the many blogs instructing you on how to install linux. In the very early releases of WINDOWS 10 there are a few extra steps you need to take to "unlock" ubuntu. Once you have done this you can open a linux terminal window within windows and follow the standard Ubuntu install instructions. As stated, in recent workshops we managed to set up windows to be able to run the code in about 20 minutes.


Version 1.6.0 has now been released (Feb 2019) which introduces a massively simplified interface to make it much easier to run the code with gridded data. The model no longer accepts text file input, only netcdf input is possible (a grib interface is currently under testing).

A climate and health workshop is planned for May/June 2020 in Addis Ababa. Please watch this space and the ICTP activities website for further details when the schedule is known.

Did you know?

VECTRI is free to use for non-commercial scientific and educational purposes.

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