2020 activities

ITU Online Training: Applications of satellite based IoT networks

December 14-15 @Cyberspace

Workshop: WALC 2020 online

November 23-27 @Cyberspace

Invited course on IoT at IMSP, Benin

October - December @Cyberspace

Invited talk at Sharper - la notte europea dei ricercatori a Trieste

November 27 @Cyberspace

Invited lecture at Sabanci University, Turkey: IoT in Academic Institutions in Developing Countries: Lessons learned

November 18 @Cyberspace

Panel moderator at Digital Around the World 2020: IoT New Developments in Africa bridging the Digital Divide

October 20 @Cyberspace

ICTP QLS-AP Colloquium AI / How TinyML Could Help Developing Countries, Pete Warden (Google)

October 13 @Cyberspace

Meeting: OpenMODs 20.0

November 11-12 @Cyberspace

Invited talk at Engineering Resilient Systems (EReS) group at Linnaeus University

October 2 @Cyberspace

ITU Online Training: 5G technologies for IoT

September 28-29 @Cyberspace

Invited talk at EuroBioHighTech 2020: IoT training in Developing Countries: lessons learned

September 3 @Cyberspace

Invited lecture at KIC, Japan: IoT4D

July 30 @Cyberspace

Conference: UNESCO Regional Consultation on Open Science for Western Europe and North America

July 23 @Cyberspace

Virtual Conference: EuroDIG 2020

June 10-12 @Cyberspace

Virtual Conference: The Things Virtual Conference

April 16 @Cyberspace

Workshop: Workshop on LPWAN Solutions for the Internet of Things

February 17-21 in Kampala, Uganda

Workshop: Machine Learning for IoT applications

January 22-24 in Yatanarpon Cyber City, Myanmar