If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing 
and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond 
your or my obtuse theories about it.       (B. Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago)

Preprints from arxiv

Preprints from ssrn (click hereor here)

Lecture notes on Minority Games (3eme cycle, 2004)

Some slides of talks: complexity and financial stability (video)
                            the dynamics of financial correlations
                            homophily and features in networks
                            the rise and fall of networked societies

Some recent activities:  From Biological Networks to Cellular Function: Evolution, Dynamics and Spatial Organization (June 2009)
                            Statistical Physics and Financial Markets (April 2007)
                            Statistical Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications (Sept. 2006, Beijing)
                            Structure and Function of Complex Networks (May 2005)
                            Fundamental Aspects of Complexity (Sept. 2004)

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