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Valerio Cappellini, PhD

Access and Information Services
at the Marie Curie Library of the Abdus Salam
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera 11, IT-34151 Trieste, Italy

Room: LB-Loan Desk Area (The Library)
Phone: (+39) 040 2240 670
Fax: (+39) 040 2240 7670
On Skype: lucio_silla_69  

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Area of interest

• ergodic theory;
• (discrete) classical and quantum    dynamical systems with chaotic    (continuous) classical limit;
• quantization procedures;
• semi-classical analysis and
   classical limit;
• algorithmic complexity;
• quantum dynamical
   entropies and their
   applications to
   dynamical systems

• random matrix theory
  • geometry of quantum states;
• duality between quantum maps
   and quantum states;
• entanglement measures and
   their statistics over random
        quantum states
              • random quantum;
                • random
                   • symmetries and
                     universality in

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