Turbulent Mixing and Beyond

International Conference

August 18-26, 2007
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy


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Trieste, Italy


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The Proceedings include 57 manuscripts in the fields of

Canonical turbulence and turbulent mixing, Wall-bounded flows, Interfacial dynamics, Unsteady turbulent processes, High energy density physics, Astrophysics, Magneto-hydrodynamics, Plasmas in ionosphere, Physics of atmosphere, Geophysics, Combustion, Mathematical aspects of multi-scale dynamics, Advanced numerical simulations, Stochastic processes and probabilistic description, New experimental diagnostics



Turbulent Mixing and Beyond (T132, 011001)
Snezhana I. Abarzhi, Serge Gauthier, Robert Rosner


The effect of acceleration on turbulent entrainment (T132, 014001)
Robert E. Breidenthal 

Vanishing viscosity limit for 2D flows in an unsteadily rotating circle (T132, 014002)
Anna L. Mazzucato

 Features of thermal turbulent convection at very high Rayleigh numbers (T132, 014003)
Joseph J. Niemela

Recent progress in prediction of complex turbulent flows using a cubic non-linear eddy-viscosity model (T132, 014004)
Mehrdad Raisee

Group-theoretical model of developed turbulence and renormalization of the Navier-Stokes equation (T132, 014005)
V.L. Saveliev and M.A. Gorokhovski

 Dissipation element analysis of turbulence (T132, 014006)
Lipo Wang and Norbert Peters


Baroclinic turbulence of dissociating gas as a reason for instability of bow shock wave (T132, 014007)
A.S. Baryshnikov

On periodically excited turbulent mixing layer created downstream of a lane chevron partition (T132, 014008)
E. Kit and I. Wygnanski

Large fundamentals of wall bounded turbulence (T132, 014009)
Victor Lvov

Analytic model of the universal structure of turbulent boundary layers (T132, 014010)
Victor S. Lvov, Itamar Procaccia, and Oleksii Rudenko

Speculation about near-wall turbulence scales (T132, 014011)
Nina Yurchenko


Review of nonlinear dynamics of unstable fluid interface: conservation laws and group theory (T132, 014012)
Snezhana I. Abarzhi

Simultaneous PIV-PLIF measurements in a Richtmyer-Meshkov unstable gas curtain (T132, 014013)
B.J. Balakumar, G. Orlicz, K.P. Prestridge, and C.D. Tomkins

Investigation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability under re-shock conditions (T132, 014014)
Eli Leinov, Asaf Formoza, Oren Sadot, Guy Malamud, Yonathan Elbaz, Aryeh L. Levin, Gabi Ben-Dor, and Dov Shvarts

Shock tube experiment: half height dense gas region (T132, 014015)
T.A. Ota, C.J. Barton, and D.A. Holder



Multiphase flow model for the unstable mixing of layered incompressible materials (T132, 014016)
Baolian Cheng, J. Glimm, D.H. Sharp, and Y. Yu

Compressibility effects in Rayleigh-Taylor type instabilities (T132, 014017)
S. Gauthier, M.-A. Lafay, V. Lombard, C. Boudesocque-Dubois, J.-M. Clarisse, and B. Le Creurer 

The study of turbulent mixing zone development in laser shock tube Experiments (T132, 014018)
Ivan G. Lebo and Vladimir D. Zvorykin 

Fluid intermingleng and vorticity evolution in two- and three-dimensional simulations for shock-bubble interactions (T132, 014019)
John H. J. Niederhaus, Jason G. Oakley, Jeffrey A. Greenough, and Riccardo Bonazza 

Experimental and numerical investigation of shock-induced distortion of a spherical gas inhomogeneity (T132, 014020)
Devesh Ranjan, John H.J. Niederhaus, Jason G. Oakley, Mark H. Anderson, Jeffrey A. Greenough, and Riccardo Bonazza 



Classical and ablative Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities and other ICF-relevant plasma flows diagnosed with monochromatic X-ray imaging (T132, 014021)
Y Aglitskiy, M Karasik, A L Velikovich, N Metzler, S Zalesak, A J Schmitt, J H Gardner, V Serlin, J Weaver and S P Obenschain

Approaches to turbulence in high-energy-density experiments (T132, 014022)
R. Paul Drake, Eric C. Harding, Carolyn C. Kuranz

Studies of high energy density states in matter using intense heavy ion beams: the HED-ge-HOB collaboration (T132, 014023)
N.A. Tahir, V. Kim, A. Shutov, I.V. Lomonosov, A.R. Piriz, G. Wouchuk, J.J. Lopez Cela, D.H.H. Homann, and C. Deutsch 



Supernova evolution in massive star winds, and associated hydrodynamic instabilities (T132, 014024)
Vikram V. Dwarkadas 

Turbulent mixing in the interstellar medium — an application for lagrangian tracer particles (T132, 014025)
Christoph Federrath

Radiation-gasdynamical simulations of star formation (T132, 014026)
Thomas Peters, Robi Banerjee, and Ralf S. Klessen



Saturation of the magneto-rotational instability: asymptotically exact theory (T132, 014027)
Keith Julien and Edgar Knobloch 

Structure and growth rates of magnetic fields in helical turbulence (T132, 014028)
Leonid Malyshkin and Stanislav Boldyrev 

Magneto-rotational instability, turbulence and dynamo (T132, 014029)
Aleksandr Obabko, Fausto Cattaneo, and Paul Fischer 



Excitation and Diagnosis of Langmuir Wave Turbulence in Ionospheric Plasmas at Gakona, Alaska (T132, 014030)
L.M. Burton, D.L. Rokusek, J.A. Cohen, Rezy Pradipta, A. Labno, M.C. Lee , S.P. Kou 

Ionospheric plasma turbulence caused by electron precipitation from the inner radiation belt (T132, 014031)
R. Pradipta, A. Labno, M.C. Lee, W.J. Burke, M.P. Sulzer, J.A. Cohen, L.M. Burton, S.P. Kuo, and D.L. Rokusek 



Vertical turbulent mixing model for the convective boundary layer (T132, 014032)
Árpád Bordás 

A comparison of statistical dynamical and ensemble prediction methods during the formation of large-scale coherent structures in the atmosphere (T132, 014033)
Terence J. O’Kane 



Zonostrophic turbulence (T132, 014034)
Boris Galperin, Semion Sukoriansky, and Nadejda Dikovsky 

Mixing-induced global modes in open reactive flows (T132, 014035)
Arthur V. Straube and Arkady Pikovsky 

Anisotropic turbulence and internal waves in stably stratified flows (QNSE theory) (T132, 014036)
Semion Sukoriansky, Boris Galperin, and Veniamin Perov 


Turbulent mixing and turbulent diffusion (T132, 014037)
A. Y. Klimenko 

Effect of background turbulence on the propagation of large-scale flames (T132, 014038)
Moshe Matalon 



Linear growth rate for Kelvin-Helmholtz instability appearing in a moving mixing layer (T132, 014039)
Rattana Chong 

Divergent series, Borel summation and 3-D Navier-Stokes equation (T132, 014040)
O. Costin and S. Tanveer 

Elliptical instability of a vortex tube and drift current induced by it (T132, 014041)
Yasuhide Fukumoto and Makoto Hirota 

Nonlinear behavior of a vortex sheet in incompressible Richtmyer-Meshkov instability with cylindrical geometry (T132, 014042)
Chihiro Matsuoka and Katsunobu Nishihara 



Nonlinear waves in superdiffusive reaction-diffusion systems (T132, 014043)
A.A. Golovin, Y. Nec, and A.A. Nepomnyashchy 

A conditionally cubic-gaussian stochastic lagrangian model for acceleration in isotropic turbulence (T132, 014044)
A.G. Lamorgese, S.B. Pope, P.K. Yeung 



On structural analysis of turbulence (T132, 014045)
O.M. Belotserkovskii 

FLASH code tutorial (T132, 014046)
Anshu Dubey, Lynn Reid, and Robert Fisher 

Simulation of turbulent flows with strong shocks (T132, 014047)
Bruce Fryxell 

Adapting moment closure for large-eddy simulation of variable density turbulence (T132, 014048)
Daniel M. Israel 

Study of instability driven mixing using improved tracking and transport control (T132, 014049)
Xiaolin Li, Junya Kamiyasuhira, Lingling Wu, and James Glimm 

Retrieval of collision kernels from the change of droplet size distributions with a simple inversion scheme (T132, 014050)
Ryo Onishi, Keigo Matsuda, Keiko Takahashi Ryoichi Kurose and Satoru Komori 

On the spectral simulation of periodic layer in incompressible fluid (T132, 014051)
A.M. Oparin, E.I. Oparina, and O.V. Troshkin 

Numerical simulation of turbulent unsteady compressible pipe flow with heat addition (T132, 014052)
Masoud Ziaei Rad and Ali Nouri Broujerdi 

The DNS of thermal convection at moderate Rayleigh numbers under strongly non-Boussinesq conditions (T132, 014053)
A. Sameen, R. Verzicco, and K.R. Sreenivasan 

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent mixing in grid-generated turbulence (T132, 014054)
Hiroki Suzuki, Kouji Nagata, Yasuhiko Sakai, Toshiyuki Hayase, and Takashi Kubo 

On the theory of periodic layer in incompressible fluid (T132, 014055)
O.V. Troshkin 



New technologies for fluid dynamics experiment and diagnostics (T132, 014056)
Sergei S. Orlov


In order to maintain the wide scope of the Theme Issue of the
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
, the following review articles have been invited in a broad variety of Topics presented at the Conference (corresponding author, field, tentative title):

      Guest Editors, Prefactory article on Turbulent Mixing and Beyond 

Ye. Aglitskiy
Review on ICF and plasma diagnostic:

Classical and ablative Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities and other ICF-relevant plasma flows diagnosed with monochromatic X-ray imaging.

M.J. Andrews
Review on experiments on RTI:

Effect of initial conditions on late-time development of Rayleigh-Taylor mixing.

S. Fauve
Review on dynamo experiments:

Chaotic dynamos generated by turbulent flows.

S.S. Orlov
Review on advanced technologies for experiments, diagnostics and data analysis:

New technologies for fluid dynamics experiment and diagnostics.

K.R. Sreenivasan
Review on turbulence experiments and simulations:

Resolution effects in direct numerical simulations of turbulence.

S.I. Abarzhi
Review on unsteady turbulent processes:

Turbulent mixing and beyond.

S. Cowley
Review on astrophysical fluid dynamics and theoretical MHD:

The origin of magnetic fields in the universe and the turbulent dynamo.

S. Gauthier
Review on theoretical approaches in modelling stratified, variable-density fluids:

Compressibility effects in Rayleigh-Taylor type instabilities.

K. Nishihara
Review on interfacial instabilities, and shock-driven vorticity generation:

Generation of non-uniform vorticty at the interface and its linear and nonlinear growth.

V.E. Zakharov
Review on nonlinear partial differential equations and weak turbulence:

Wind-driven sea and atmospheric boundary layer.

R. Rosner
Review on Computations in Science:

Massive numerical simulations.

J. Werne
Review on atmospheric flows and data analysis:

Atmospheric turbulence forecasting: promising new approaches based on Bayesian hierarchical modelling and the high-resolution simulations and observations needed to make them work.

K. Kadau and B. Alder
Review on molecular dynamic simulations:

Molecular dynamics simulations of liquids and solids.

Review on numerical methods