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ICTP Summer School
on Particle Physics

June 6-17, 2011

Topics & Material

Astroparticle Physics (Weiner)
Collider Physics (Tait)
Flavor Physics (Tarantino)
Grand Unification and Proton Decay (Bajc)
Higgs and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (Dawson)
Neutrino Physics: Past, Present and Future (Marciano)
Neutrino @ Collider (Nesti)

Supersymmetry at LHC (Dine)

Wess and Bagger, Supersymmetry and Supergravity
Drees and Godbole, Sparticles
Baer and Tata, Weak Scale Supersymmetry
Dine, Supersymmetry and String Theory (chapters 9-14)
Peskin, Supersymmetry in Elementary Particle Physics
UV Completions at TeV Scale (Dvali)