Short CV - Sandro Scandolo

Recent positions
2002- Research scientist, ICTP
2000-2002 - Visiting Research Staff, Dept. of Chemistry and Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University
2002 Associate Professor, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)
1998-2002 Assistant Professor, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)

Professional activity
Member of the editorial board of Solid State Communications, Elsevier
Member of the editorial board of High Pressure Research, Taylor&Francis
Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Psi-k
Secretary of the IUPAP Commission on Physics for Development (C13)
Organizer of several Workshops and Schools (see list here )

J.C. Jamieson award for high pressure physics. Awarded at the 1998 Gordon Research Conference on ``Research at High-Pressure''

Ph.D. Students supervised
Zhong Yi Lu (now at Remnin University, Beijing, China)
Carlo Cavazzoni (now at CINECA, Bologna, Italy)
Alessandro Laio (now at SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
Gerardo Ballabio (now at University of Milan)
Paul Tangney (now at Imperial College London)
Javier Montoya (now at Geophysical Lab, Washington DC)
Yunfeng Liang (now at the Univ of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Diploma students supervised
[2007-2008] Machhindra Koirala, Nepal (now at Boston College)
[2007-2008] Pham Tuan Anh, Vietnam (now at UC Davis)
[2006-2007] Lister Mulindwa, Zambia (now at Trent University, Canada)
[2006-2007] Manh Thuong Nguyen, Vietnam (now at EMPA, Switzerland)
[2005-2006] Yanier Crespo Hernandez, Cuba (now at SISSA, Trieste)
[2006-2005] Akinlolu Akande, Nigeria (now at Trinity College, Dublin)
[2004-2005] Vinh Diep, Vietnam (now at Purdue University)
[2003-2004] Javier Montoya, Colombia (now at Geophysical Lab, Washington DC)
[2003-2004] Mohamed Bakr, Egypt
[2002-2003] Josephat Kalezhi, Zambia (now at Copperbelt Univ., Zambia)
[2002-2003] Abdurahim Rakhman, China (now at Syracuse Universit)
[1997-1998] Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Vietnam
[1995-1996] Violeta Kotarova, Bulgaria
[1995-1996] Traian Dumitrica, Romania (now assistant prof at U Minnesota)
[1994-1995] Paul Rapapa, Lesotho (now Head of Physics dept, Natl U Lesotho)