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2006 preprints list [31 to 45]

  • IC2006031 [abs, pdf]
    Fog and dew climatology over Hisar, India
    by Surender Singh, Diwan Singh and V.U.M. Rao
    Document info: Pages 10, Figures 4
  • IC2006032 [abs, pdf]
    Optimal use of agrometeorological information for sustainable agricultural production in semi-arid regions of India
    by Surender Singh, V.U.M. Rao and Diwan Singh
    Document info: Pages 13, Figures 5
  • IC2006033 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Relaxation time in confined disordered systems
    by H. Chamati and E. Korutcheva
    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 1
  • IC2006034 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Starting the universe: Stable violation of the null energy condition and non-standard cosmologies
    by Paolo Creminelli, Markus A. Luty, Alberto Nicolis and Leonardo Senatore
    Document info: Pages 31, Figures 3
  • IC2006035 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Suppression of the fast and slow modulated waves mixing in the coupled nonlinear discrete LC transmission lines
    by David Yemele and Timoleon C. Kofane
    Document info: Pages 29, Figures 9
  • IC2006036 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Instanton counting and Donaldson invariants
    by Lothar Göttsche, Hiraku Nakajima and Kota Yoshioka
    Document info: Pages 39, Figures 0
  • IC2006037 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Arithmetical turbulence of selfsimilar fluctuations statistics of large Frobenius numbers of additive semigroups of integers
    by V. Arnold
    Document info: Pages 23, Figures 0
  • IC2006038 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Geometry of continued fractions associated to Frobenius numbers
    by V.I. Arnold
    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 5
  • IC2006039 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Topological classification of trigonometric polynomials related to affine Coxeter group Ã2
    by V.I. Arnold
    Document info: Pages 15, Figures 6
  • IC2006040 [abs, pdf]
    H/V spectral ratios technique application in the city of Bucharest: Can we get rid of source effect?
    by B. Grecu, M. Radulian, N. Mandrescu and G.F. Panza
    Document info: Pages 32, Figures 10
  • IC2006041 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    D-branes in non-critical superstrings and duality in N=1 gauge theories with flavor
    by Sameer Murthy and Jan Troost
    Document info: Pages 36, Figures 0
  • IC2006042 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    A finite landscape?
    by B.S. Acharya and M.R. Douglas
    Document info: Pages 19, Figures 0
  • IC2006043 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    An M theory solution to the hierarchy problem
    by Bobby Acharya, Konstantin Bobkov, Gordon Kane, Piyush Kumar and Diana Vaman
    Document info: Pages 10, Figures 1
  • IC2006044 [abs, pdf]
    Manipulating the conduction process of a molecular resonant tunneling diode
    by Aranya B. Bhattacherjee and Suman Dudeja
    Document info: Pages 6, Figures 2
  • IC2006045 [abs, pdf]
    Application of AVK and selective encryption in improving performance of quantum cryptography and networks
    by C.T. Bhunia
    Document info: Pages 12, Figures 7

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