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2006 preprints list [1 to 15]

  • IC2006001 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Chern-Simons theory on S1-bundles: Abelianisation and Q-deformed Yang-Mills theory
    by Matthias Blau and George Thompson
    Document info: Pages 36, Figures 0
  • IC2006002 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    (Bi)-harmonicity of (warped) product maps
    by Leonard Todjihounde
    Document info: Pages 21, Figures 0
  • IC2006003 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Manifolds with minimal horospheres and bounded derivative stability vector fields
    by Leonard Todjihounde
    Document info: Pages 7, Figures 0
  • IC2006004 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Right-handed neutrinos as the source of density perturbations
    by Lotfi Boubekeur and Paolo Creminelli
    Document info: Pages 16, Figures 2
  • IC2006005 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Non-supersymmetric attractors in R2 gravities
    by B. Chandrasekhar, S. Parvizi, A. Tavanfar and H. Yavartanoo
    Document info: Pages 20, Figures 2
  • IC2006006 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    On Benney type hydrodynamical systems and their Boltzmann-Vlasov equations kinetic models
    by N.N. Bogoliubov, A.K. Prykarpatsky and D.L. Blackmore
    Document info: Pages 36, Figures 0
  • IC2006007 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Effects of the electron's anomaly in relativistic laser-assisted Mott scattering
    by J.M. Ngoko Djiokap, H.M. Tetchou Nganso and M.G. Kwato Njock
    Document info: Pages 13, Figures 7
  • IC2006008 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Non-critical heterotic superstrings in various dimensions
    by Sameer Murthy
    Document info: Pages 26, Figures 0
  • IC2006009 [abs, pdf]
    Interaction of red pepper (Capsicum annum, Tepin) polyphenols with Fe(II)-induced lipid peroxidation in brain and liver
    by G. Oboh and J.B.T Rocha
    Document info: Pages 19, Figures 4
  • IC2006010 [abs, pdf]
    Water extractable phytochemicals from Capsicum pubescens (tree pepper) inhibit lipid peroxidation induced by different pro-oxidant agents in brain
    by G. Oboh and J.B.T Rocha
    Document info: Pages 24, Figures 7
  • IC2006011 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Physics potential of the CERN-MEMPHYS neutrino oscillation project
    by J.-E. Campagne, M. Maltoni, M. Mezzetto and T. Schwetz
    Document info: Pages 30, Figures 16
  • IC2006012 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Smooth functions statistics
    by V.I. Arnold
    Document info: Pages 9, Figures 4
  • IC2006013 [abs, pdf]
    Soil strength and maize yield after topsoil removal and application of nutrient amendments on a gravelly Alfisol toposequence
    by F.K. Salako, P.O. Dada, C.O. Adejuyigbe, M.O. Adedire, O. Martins, C.A. Akwuebu and O.E. Williams
    Document info: Pages 32, Figures 2
  • IC2006014 [abs, pdf]
    An alternative approach to the determination of epithermal flux-shaping factor (α) for k0-NAA
    by Y.A. Ahmed, I.M. Umar, I.O.B. Ewa, A.S. Ajuji, B.J.B. Nyarko and E.H.K. Akaho
    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 2
  • IC2006015 [abs, pdf]
    Nuclear data and the effects of its inconsistency on instrumental neutron activation analysis
    by Y.A. Ahmed, I.O.B. Ewa and I.M. Umar
    Document info: Pages 14, Figures 1

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