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2005 preprints list [31 to 45]

  • IC2005031 [abs, pdf(text), pdf(figures)]
    Detailed modelling of strong ground motion in Trieste
    by Franco Vaccari, Fabio Romanelli and Giuliano Panza
    Document info: Pages 39, Figures 24
  • IC2005032 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Modulational instabilities in acetanilide taking into account both the N-H and the C=O vibrational self-trappings
    by Elie Simo
    Document info: Pages 22, Figures 16
  • IC2005033 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Solutions for toda systems on Riemann surfaces
    by Jiayu Li
    Document info: Pages 19, Figures 0
  • IC2005034 [abs, pdf]
    Atomic data of Ti II from laser produced Ti plasmas by optical emission spectroscopy
    by A.I. Refaie, A.A. Farrag, H. El Sharkawy and Th. M. El Sherbin
    Document info: Pages 20, Figures 5
  • IC2005035 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Cross section for muon colliders in the MSSM with complex parameters
    by Nguyen Chinh Cuong, Ha Huy Bang and Dao Thi Le Thuy
    Document info: Pages 8, Figures 13
  • IC2005036 [abs, pdf]
    Determination of the seismic moment tensor for local events in the South Shetland Islands and Bransfield Strait
    by M. Guidarelli and G.F. Panza
    Document info: Pages 16, Figures 6
  • IC2005037 [abs, pdf]
    The generalized model of polypeptide chain describing the helix-coil transition in biopolymers
    by Evgeni Sh. Mamasakhlisov, Artem V. Badasyan, Artyom V. Tsarukyan, Arsen V. Grigoryan and Vladimir F. Morozov
    Document info: Pages 29, Figures 12
  • IC2005038 [abs, pdf(text), pdf(figures)]
    Transition to chaos in externally modulated hydrodynamic systems
    by Laurent Nana and Eulalie Joelle Ngamga Ketchamen
    Document info: Pages 14, Figures 6
  • IC2005039 [abs, ps, pdf(text), pdf(figures), tgz]
    Vibrations analysis and bifurcations in the self-sustained electromechanical system with multiple functions
    by R. Yamapi, F.M. Moukam Kakmeni and M.A. Aziz-Alaoui
    Document info: Pages 22, Figures 12
  • IC2005040 [abs, pdf]
    A Bethe-Salpeter formulation of leptonic decays of vector mesons with a generalized Hq\overline{q} vertex function
    by Shashank Bhatnagar
    Document info: Pages 19, Figures 2
  • IC2005041 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Regular and chaotic behaviors of plasma oscillations modeled by a modified Duffing equation
    by H.G. Enjieu Kadji, J.B. Chabi Orou and P. Woafo
    Document info: Pages 15, Figures 12
  • IC2005042 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Open string topological amplitudes and gaugino masses
    by I. Antoniadis, K.S. Narain and T.R. Taylor
    Document info: Pages 49, Figures 6
  • IC2005043 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Combinatorial identities and quantum state densities of sigma models on N-folds
    by M.C.B. Abdalla, A.A. Bytsenko and M.E.X. Guimaraes
    Document info: Pages 18, Figures 0
  • IC2005044 [abs, pdf]
    Magma reservoir at Mt. Vesuvius: Deeper than 10 km
    by Maddalena Natale, Concettina Nunziata, G. Luongo and Giuliano F. Panza
    Document info: Pages 8, Figures 4
  • IC2005045 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Majorana CP-violating phases, RG running of neutrino mixing parameters and charged lepton flavour violating decays
    by S.T. Petcov, T. Shindou and Y. Takanishi
    Document info: Pages 30, Figures 5

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