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2005 preprints list [121 to 130]

  • IC2005121 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Mixed multiplicities for arbitrary ideals and generalized Buchsbaum-Rim multiplicities
    by R. Callejas-Bedregal and V.H. Jorge Perez
    Document info: Pages 18, Figures 0
  • IC2005122 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Suppressing proton decay in theories with localised fermions
    by B.S. Acharya and R. Valandro
    Document info: Pages 15, Figures 0
  • IC2005123 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Distinguishing new physics scenarios at a linear collider with polarized beams
    by A.A. Pankov, N. Paver and A.V. Tsytrinov
    Document info: Pages 21, Figures 11
  • IC2005124 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Translocation energy of ions in nano-channels of cell membranes
    by Sofian Teber
    Document info: Pages 18, Figures 7
  • IC2005125 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Variable-range hopping in 2D quasi-1D electronic systems
    by Sofian Teber
    Document info: Pages 32, Figures 5
  • IC2005126 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Tails of the dynamical structure factor of 1D spinless fermions beyond the Tomonaga-Luttinger approximation
    by Sofian Teber
    Document info: Pages 9, Figures 4
  • IC2005127 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Some aspects of noncommutative integrable systems a la Moyal
    by O. Dafounansou, A. El Boukili and M.B. Sedra
    Document info: Pages 17, Figures 0
  • IC2005128 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Moyal noncommutative integrability and the Burgers-KdV mapping
    by M.B. Sedra
    Document info: Pages 33, Figures 0
  • IC2005129 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Picard-Fuchs system for Ak-singularities, versal integrals and Horn hypergeometric functions
    by A.G. Aleksandrov and A.N. Kuznetsov
    Document info: Pages 17, Figures 0
  • IC2005130 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    On the exact spectra of two electrons confined by two-dimensional quantum dots
    by A.V. Soldatov and N.N. Bogolubov Jr.
    Document info: Pages 12, Figures 0

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