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2004 preprints list [31 to 45]

  • IC2004031 [abs, pdf]
    Calculation of thermodynamic quantities of f.c.c and b.c.c metals using EAM potentials
    by Vu Van Hung and Nguyen Thanh Hai
    Document info: Pages 9, Figures 0
  • IC2004032 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Casimir force, excess free energy and ${\cal c}$-function in ${\cal O}(n)$ systems with long-range interactions in the n → ∞ limit}
    by H. Chamati and D.M. Dantchev
    Document info: Pages 29, Figures 11
  • IC2004033 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Algebraic relaxation of a time correlation function
    by Sunita Srivastava, C.N. Kumar and K. Tankeshwar
    Document info: Pages 10, Figures 4
  • IC2004034 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Influence of strong heterocoordination on surface properties of Li-Pb melts
    by B.C. Anusionwu, G.A. Adebayo and C.E. Orji
    Document info: Pages 14, Figures 7
  • IC2004035 [abs, pdf]
    Pedogenic calcretes from Coimbatore area, Tamil Nadu: Micromorphology, geochemistry and palaeoclimate significance
    by Achyuthan Hema and Shankar Navin
    Document info: Pages 38, Figures 8
  • IC2004036 [abs, pdf]
    Proton-nucleus interaction at low and intermediate energies
    by S. Nasmin Rahman, Md. Sanaul Haque, Sangita Haque and Md.A. Rahman
    Document info: Pages 9, Figures 7
  • IC2004037 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Fuzzy spaces, the M(atrix) model and the quantum Hall effect
    by Dimitra Karabali, V.P. Nair and S. Randjbar-Daemi
    Document info: Pages 39, Figures 0
  • IC2004038 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Energy and Morse index of solutions of Yamabe type problems on thin annuli
    by M. Ben Ayed, K. El Mehdi, M. Ould Ahmedou and F. Pacella
    Document info: Pages 24, Figures 0
  • IC2004039 [abs, pdf]
    Search for bacterial waste as a possible signature of life on Europa
    by Aranya B. Bhattacherjee and Julian Chela-Flores
    Document info: Pages 5, Figures 0
  • IC2004040 [abs, pdf]
    An adaptive artificial neural network model for sizing stand-alone photovoltaic systems: Application for isolated sites in Algeria
    by A. Mellit, M. Benghanem,, A. Hadj Arab, and A. Guessoum
    Document info: Pages 33, Figures 11
  • IC2004041 [abs, ps, pdf, tgz]
    Mach cones in space and laboratory dusty magnetoplasmas
    by A.A. Mamun and P.K. Shukla
    Document info: Pages 20, Figures 8
  • IC2004042 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Stable chains and vortex equations on complex vector bundles
    by Xi Zhang
    Document info: Pages 26, Figures 0
  • IC2004043 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Hermitian-Einstein metrics on holomorphic vector bundles over Hermitian manifolds
    by Xi Zhang
    Document info: Pages 22, Figures 0
  • IC2004044 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Stability and special metrics for complex vector bundles with global sections
    by Xi Zhang
    Document info: Pages 23, Figures 0
  • IC2004045 [abs, ps, pdf, tex]
    Compactness theorems for coupled Yang-Mills fields
    by Xi Zhang
    Document info: Pages 17, Figures 0

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