The Mousehole Cat

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At the far end of England, a land of rocks and moorland stretches itself out into a blue-green sea.
Between its high headlands lie tiny sheltering harbours where the fishing boats hide when the winter storms are blowing.
One of these harbours is so small and the entrance between its great stone breakwaters is so narrow that fishermen called it "the Mousehole".
The people who lived in the cottages around the harbour grew fond of the name and they call their village Mousehole to this day.
They say it in the Cornish way, "Mowzel", but you may say it as you choose.
Once there lived in the village a cat whose name was Mowzer.
She had an old cottage with a window overlooking the harbour, an old rocking-chair with patchwork cushions and an old fisherman named Tom.

So goes on writing Antonia Barber... the author of the story about the brave Mowzer who rescues her friend Tom and the lives of the people of Mousehole...
The stunning pictures you may see here (click on them to have a larger view) have been drawn by Nicolas Bayley - and there are plenty more in the book!

The book, winner of the British Book Award - Illustrated Children's Book of the Year, is called "The Mousehole Cat" - Walker Books - ISBN 0-7445-2353-2 - UKL 4.99 - and it is a must-have for all children and cat-lovers!

Recently (August 1998) we have been to Cornwall and stayed in a rented cottage exactly in Mousehole! Here you will find the new pictures!

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