Mousehole and Cornwall 1998

In front of the Author's cottage

The "Real" Mousehole Cat?

Marta in Land's End

Marta in St. Michael's Mount

Marta in St. Michael's Mount (low tide)

Marta in St. Michael's Mount (low tide)

Marta and "Papi" in St. Michael's Mount (high tide)

Marta in Porthcurno

Marta in Porthcurno


All photos (click on them to have a larger view) have been taken with my daughter's small camera. That's just a small selection... Marta took most of the photos herself line the one below. It was a great holiday, planned on the spur of the moment, we were actually planning to go to Portugal but the 98 Expo cut our chances to get a decent flight, so we opted for Cornwall. My friend Iain managed to find us a rented cottage right in Mousehole, few meters away from the tiny harbour, I could not believe we were going to stay there...
The weather was fantastic, it never rained for the whole period of our stay and I was surprised when I realized that we were getting a nice suntan as well, I could not remember ever getting near to a suntan during all the years I have been living in England! Blame it on the greenhouse effect but we were very happy!

We spent three nights in London, Marta enjoyed shopping at Hamleys, going to the British Museum, the Tower Bridge, the parks with their flowers and the brave squirrels eating from her hands...

After London and our shopping escursions, after stopping by Stonehenge and looking at the mysterious stones, we moved to Lyme Regis for a couple of days and my wife Licia had a great time there, searching for fossils... and forgetting how quick the tide changes! We got trapped in a corner and had to swim back to the dry land... ;-) We also were greeted by a group of dolphins playing near the harbour... beautiful creatures!

Finally we moved to Cornwall and Marta had the time of her life there, jumping in and out of the waves, running on the sand, eating fish and chips (chips most of all!) and cuddling all the cats she could find (and there were many!) in Mousehole.

We managed to see lots of interesting places there: the Minnack Theatre, Penzance, St. Michael, St. Ives and of course Mousehole!

The journey back from Cornwall to Stansted Airport was quite long and exhausting, but at the Guesthouse we stayed I discovered some nice old Irish saying...

A great and pleasant time and a relaxing holiday with lots of surprises... till the next one, next year, maybe Portugal?

Above the Italian Alps, on our way back... photo taken by Marta

Back to Cornwall, to Mowzer, the Mousehole Cat! Here you will find all pictures from the book!
More news about Cornwall may be found at Alan Richards (A Cornishman and proud of it) Web site

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