Research Interests

Interactions between atmospheric chemistry, climate and biogeochemical cycles using modelling approaches.
Examples of recent topics I have been working on:
  • The regional climatic impact of dust aerosol on thermodynamic and dynamics of Monsoon systems (West Africa and India) as well as particular sea basins (Caspian/Aral and Mediterranean regions)
  • The direct and semi-direct effects of African biomass burning aerosol on southern African climate and the south eastern Atlantic stratocumulus deck.
  • The atmospheric processes impacting the deposition flux of key chemical elements to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, with evaluation of their possible biogeochemical impacts (North Pacific Ocean, West Africa and the Mediterranean basin)
  • The Regional climate and land-use change effects on Ambrosia (ragweed) distribution and pollen concentrations in Europe
  • The tropospheric ozone cycle including the impact of biogenic emissions and climate change