Modelling activities

    The ESP climate chemistry group is working at developing a modelling system coupling Earth system processes relevant to climate, biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry. This system is based on and based on the ICTP RegCM4 regional climate model.
    Recently, I have been particularly involved in RegCM4 developments dealing with:
  • The chemistry and aerosol schemes (including dust cycle)
  • The interface to the RRTM/McICA radiation scheme, including aerosol
  • The slab-ocean parameterization
  • The biogeochemistry interface to the CLM4.5 surface scheme
  • Model diagnostics useful to assess climate perturbations and feedbacks

Examples of simulations

pix pix Simulation of middle troposphere ozone (ppb) during the biomass burning season (African domain), and simulation of a dust AOD during an outbreak (tropical band configuration)