Main Research Topics


  1. Statistical mechanics

  2. Disordered quantum systems

  3. Quantum computing and quantum information

  4. Casimir effect and other fluctuation induced forces

Prof. of Physics,

Research Staff

Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group,

Room LB 246

Abdus Salam ICTP

Strada Costiera 11,

34151 Trieste, Italy

phone: +39 040 2240244


Interesting Conferences:


Workshop on Theory and Practice of Adiabatic Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulation | (smr 2825)

Starts 22 Aug 2016, Ends 26 Aug 2016

ICTP, LB (Budinich Lecture Hall)

Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)


Eliot Kapit, Hidetoshi Nishimori, Vadim Oganesyan, Sebastiano Pilati, Giuseppe Santoro, Antonello Scardicchio

Antonello Scardicchio

I am part of the joint ICTP/SISSA statistical physics group

ICTP offers each year several of 2-year postdoc positions and every other year a 5-year senior postdoc position named after L.Boltzmann in condensed matter theory and statistical mechanics.

Other short-term positions for exchange students (in particular from developing countries) exist.

For the details on how to apply see our group page.

The following Google calendar contains the events (seminars, conferences and visitors dates) hosted by our group.