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Your experience with T.R.I.L. Programme:
Considering the training and research period carried out in the framework of the T.R.I.L. Programme we would like to have your opinion on the following points.

  1. Which is the impact of TRIL /ICTP on your past /present research and professional activities? (a C.V. with a list of main achievements and publications could also be useful.)

  2. Which are the main difficulties in your academic/research/professional activity that TRIL helped to overcome and that you think might still help to overcome?

  3. Do you have regular contacts and collaborations with ICTP (possibly TWAS) and Italian host laboratories?

  4. How do you evaluate the cultural impact of your stay in Italy? Which are the main difficulties you met (language, accomodation, medical assistance, police formalities and so on)?

  5. If you had experiences in other laboratories abroad, could you make a comparison with the TRIL structure?

Other questions and remarks:

Thank you very much for your precious collaboration.
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