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Visa to Italy

Financial Considerations

Monthly grant
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Family Allowance

Stay in Italy

Annual Leave
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Declaration of Family Status " Form A "
Declaration of Family Status " Form B "
Visiting report " Form C "
Accommodation " Form D "
Accommodation " Form E"

General Information

Location ICTP Buildings
Grignano-Miramare Area

The rules and regulations of the ICTP TRIL Programme are specified in the Guide. If the rules are not strictly adhered to, we can consider suspending or cancelling the award.

You are required to be fluent in the English language which is the official language for research activities. You may be requested by the ICTP TRIL Office to present an English proficiency certificate or a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

A general knowledge of the Italian language would also be very useful for personal contacts and to familiarize with the host country.

Pre-arrival information

You should inform the ICTP TRIL Office and the Host Laboratory of your exact date of arrival in Italy. The Accommodation Forms " D and E " should be filled in and returned to the ICTP TRIL Office. The Form " D " will be forwarded to the Host Laboratory and the Form
" E " will be forwarded to the ICTP Housing Office which will contact you directly regarding your hotel booking.

You should come to Trieste before taking up your grant at the Host Laboratory. All administrative matters will be finalized at ICTP. You will be accommodated at the ICTP Guest House upon your arrival in Trieste.

Visa to Italy

You have to apply for a study visa even if you are a passport holder of a country that does not require a visa to enter Italy as a tourist. In this regard, you should approach the nearest Italian Consular Office as soon as you are notified of the official award. You must not leave your home country with a tourist visa. In no case should you leave your country without a visa and your passport should be valid for a couple of months beyond the last day of the expected stay in Italy.

For any problem related to the Italian Visa, you should contact the ICTP Visa Office. The telefax is: + 39 40 224650, the telephone numbers are: +39 40 2240509 and 2240510 and the e-mail is: visa@ictp.trieste.it

Kindly note that accompanying family members staying longer than three months in Italy must obtain the appropriate visa from the Italian Embassy before entering Italy. A tourist visa is not valid.

Financial considerations

Monthly grant

You will receive an advance payment of up to 95% of your monthly grant and a family allowance (if applicable) upon your arrival at ICTP or at the Host Laboratory. The advance payment will be deducted in monthly instalments according to the length of the grant. At the end of the first calendar month, you will receive the first salary. The monthly grant will be paid at the end of each month.

Insurance Coverage

The ICTP TRIL Office will provide you and your family members with a health insurance coverage. The Insurance policy includes coverage for accidents from professional activities, only for yourself, as well as coverage for illness. The insurance coverage does not include: preventive care, dental treatment (not due to accident), prosthesis, visit to oculist for prescription and purchase of lenses/spectacles, voluntary abortion and pregnancy. More detailed information on the insurance coverage will provided upon arrival in Italy.

Family allowance

If your grant exceeds six months and you have dependant family members you will be eligible for a monthly family allowance. The Declarations of Family Status - Forms " A and B " should be filled in and returned to the ICTP TRIL Office.


If your travel expenses cannot be granted by your institution or by other local sources, the ICTP TRIL Office will cover your travel expenses. A prepaid ticket will be sent to you approximately one month prior to your departure date. You may be requested to enquire locally on cheap air fares, in this case the travel must be tourist/economy class and whenever applicable, excursion or APEX fare.

Train travel in Italy is to be second class and in some cases for international sectors first class is provided. If the ICTP TRIL Programme covers your travel expenses, ticket stubs must be submitted to the ICTP TRIL Office upon arrival in Italy.

Travel expenses will not be covered for family members.

Stay in Italy

Annual Leave

You are not authorized to take leave from the Host Laboratory without prior approval from your Supervisor. The final approval will be given by the Head of the ICTP Programme, who should receive immediate notification in writing of your absence.

Scientific Papers

The ICTP TRIL Programme should be properly acknowledged in all scientific papers produced during the stay in Italy. The following sentence is suggested: "The author/one of the authors (name of Researcher) undertook this work with the support of the "ICTP Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories, Trieste, Italy".

Visiting Report

Three months after your arrival in Italy, you should provide a Report including the following points:

- the complete programme of training/research carried out in this period, signed by your Supervisor;

- a few lines on the working situation in the Host Laboratory;

- a few lines on the practical day-to-day problems (language, accommodation, etc.), if any difficulties have been encountered.

You should provide a final Visiting Report " Form C " on your research activity, as well as your comments and suggestions on the ICTP TRIL Programme, before your departure from Italy. The form should be signed by the Host Laboratory Supervisor.

You are requested to notify the ICTP TRIL Office in case you have applied or you will apply for participation in a scientific activity that will be held at ICTP and/or in connection with other ICTP schemes.

General Information


A bus service is available from Ronchi airport, which is located at about 30 kilometres from Trieste, to the city of Trieste. The bus ticket can be purchased on the bus and it costs Euro 8.00. The final bus stop in the city of Trieste is very close to the Central Railway Station. If you have been accommodated in one of our Guest Houses (Galileo or Adriatico) you should ask the bus driver, when boarding the bus, to stop you at the bus stop which is just before the two tunnels.

The cost of a taxi from Ronchi airport to the ICTP is approx. Euro 50.00 plus a small charge for each piece of luggage. The cost of a taxi from Trieste to the ICTP is approximately Euro 10.00.

Location ICTP Buildings

The ICTP Main Building is located in the Grignano-Miramare area and its address is is Strada Costiera 11 and the telephone number is +39 40 22401.

The Adriatico Guest House is located in Grignano and its address is Via Grignano 9 and the telephone number is +39 40 224241. The Guest House can be reached by bus number 36 from Trieste.

The Galileo Guest House is close to the ICTP Main Building and its address is Via Beirut 7 and the telephone number is +39 40 2240311.

The Enrico Fermi Building is close to the Galileo Guest House and its address is Via Beirut 6 and the telephone number is + 39 40 22401.