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Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)



The ICTP Programme gives scientists from Developing Countries, Central and Eastern Europe the opportunity to spend periods ranging from a few months to one year at Italian research laboratories of universities, governmental and private institutions, which operate in different branches of Physics. This includes academic studies as well as practical applications and industrial projects. Follow up visits and collaboration programmes are also envisaged.

Agreements of collaboration have been established with Italian research institutions, i.e. CNR (National Research Council), INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), ENEA (Italian Commission for New Technologies, Energy and Environment) and INFM (National Institute for the Physics of Matter), APAT (Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services), Sincrotrone Trieste (Elettra Synchrotron Light Source), National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophyiscs (OGS) and others. They offer hospitality and a special financial contribution.

The fields covered, which reflect activities held at the ICTP, are presently:

Physics of Condensed Matter: Solid State Physics and Materials Science, Computational Methods, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Semiconductor Physics and Technology.

Physics and Energy: Plasma Physics and Fusion, Non Conventional Energy Sources, Applied Nuclear Physics.

Physics and Technology
: Optical Physics and Lasers, Communication Physics and Technology, Optical Fibres, Microprocessors and Informatics, Synchrotron Radiation Applications.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
: Geophysics and Seismology, Oceanography, Physics of the Atmosphere and Aeronomy, Meteorology and Climatology, Soil Physics, Environmental Control, Mathematical Ecology, Modelling of Environmental Systems.

Physics of the Living State: Biophysics, Medical Physics, Neurophysics.

Miscellaneous: Instrumentation for Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Space Physics, Topics at the Interface with Chemistry, Engineering, Biology etc.

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